December 03, 2011

A message of love ~ science and art

Words are far more powerful than we realize.  After reading Dr. Masaru Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water I started becoming more aware of what I was saying on a regular basis. He is a scientist who researches the effects of words, music and prayer on water crystals. The results are in the video below.

Considering we are 70% water, it makes one wonder, how much good or bad have we done to ourselves simply by our positive or negative thoughts and words. I spoke about this to my HS senior English class, and asked them to do something they probably have never done before ~ write yourself a love letter. Tell yourself how truly amazing you are, tell every cell and drop of water that it is loved, and that you have gratitude, and love for your whole being. I invite you to do the same.... however awkward it might feel. Don't you deserve to get at least one love letter from yourself in this lifetime?

  Love & Gratitude - inspired by Emoto            
  Terry Stevenson is an artist in Virginia who created this stain glass artwork inspired by Emoto's work.  She is the creator of Handmade- Hope, a website devoted to her work, and her journey as an artist.

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