December 13, 2011

Finger Painting (a one year old can do it!)

Our son got his first art making materials (finger paints and paper) at his first birthday from his sassy lil friend Ione, who is about 4 months younger than him. She is walking, and flirting, and sneaking kisses already! Yep, she got one from Stosh right on the smacker this past Sat that made him cry.  She has also been making beautiful finger paintings as early as 7 months old, which inspired us. It use to take two adults to one baby/toddler to make it happen, but these days we're like ol'pros so I took it on myself with Stoshua this past weekend, and wah lah! It's a beautiful Christmas wreath.
(with some help of course!)  
It's best done in a highchair with a bib on. Stosh was definitely more amused this time around than last 4th of July, or October. He definitely found it interesting, and enjoyed looking at the paint on his hands. The finishing touch is always his "hand signature" which is also a really cute way to document his growth. This is an unexpected new tradition, seasonal finger paintings. Parents: buy the non-toxic acrylic or tempera paint, and use big sheets of paper.  We'd love to see what you come up with!
Thanks Ione and Family!  We love finger painting!!!  xoxo 

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Sonya (Ione's Mom) said...

You've inspired me to pull out the tempura paints again after the holidays. By the way, we have a big spiral art book that we use for Ione to paint in. We do the same thing with the hand prints, and we also date each new entry to the book. Another fun way to track the artistic process!