October 19, 2011

Whoo-whoo or is it hoot-hoot?


Not all owls hoot, and owls can make a wide range of other sounds, such as screeches, whistles, barks and hisses. During the nesting season, owl calls can often be heard up to a mile away.

Owls were a huge fashion trend in the 70's but have since had a big come back. My Nana had a gold owl necklace like the one shown below, probably from the 70's that I sport now and then. This necklace and many other fun owls can be found at The Owl Lady, an adorable kitschy-fun etsy shop dedicated to all vintage, all owls of all kinds.  Hoot-hoot!
                                         Vintage Owl Necklace Large Articulated Goldtone (Rhinestone Eyes)

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