October 13, 2011

..one of my favorite times of year

Autumn has been here, but it finally feels like it.  The tips of trees have a spattering of color, and the air feels cleaner and cooler and I feel love for NYC again, after a really fun first night out since being a Mama. (Stoshua is 17 months old!!!)

We completed our third custom made prayer flag set working with a client and their design ideas. I truly appreciate when a person really knows what they like and want, and have images to reference to boot! The set turned out amazing I believe because of that.
We also completed the long awaited meditational yoga prayer flag set!  And with the help of Richard, loving spouse, and Prospect Park we got some great photographs of them. Speaking of the park, they are having an amazing food truck rally through October. Don't think dirty wadah'dogs either. Food trucks have evolved selling things like gourmet waffles, dumplings, all natural slushies, kimchi, and gelato! Check it out!
Our next task is making my sister her promised chiropractic tee shirts and getting on with making some holiday fun stuff.

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