November 11, 2011

speaking of developmental milestones

TED talks is one of my favorite websites.  As a working mom during my son's first year of life the speakers on the site entertained and distracted me from the akwardness of having to pump on my lunch break.

He's almost 1 1/2 years old now. We are amazed by his development which unfolds before us naturally and his ability to just "be" himself without doubt and fear.  As adults we constantly have to reset our faith, and trust that we are on the right path, that we will be provided for, so long as we are putting our best foot forward, authentically, and from the heart. Speaking of best foot forward, Stoshua, our son, isn't quite walking yet, but he is talking! This particular TED talks, is about Deb Roy and his investigation of how children learn to form words. He studies his son's journey.
I think it is worth sharing.  xo


Anonymous said...
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Sossity said...

Wow... that was amazing. I loved the way it combined such incredible feats of technology with such incredible moments of human-ness.

(also want to say the word verification text was "joystan"... thought that was kind of cool, considering, ya know...)