March 10, 2012

Keeping busy ~ our latest project!

Above is our first set of Yoga Meditational Prayer Flags, and to the two photos below are our latest Yoga Meditational new edition set upgrades.  (The middle "namaste" and the fourth "sitting pose ~ grounded" flags were changed.)  The original flags have a raw, wood block feeling, whereas the new designs feel a little more fluid, and stencil/ silk screen created.  But then, both are great, and they may just look pretty similar to someone other than the creator! It's like finding the hidden pictures in a Highlights Magazine! Remember those? Cricket is still around too! Totally side tracked. Anyway, as always we'd love to know what you think.  
Yoga Meditational Prayer Flags  Yoga Meditational Prayer Flags / Latest edition set  Yoga Meditational Prayer Flags / Latest edition set

(close up of new flags ~ fusia, and sage colored ones!)

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