November 16, 2011

Parents and Printmakers!

I recently learned that H&M has a Conscious Sustainable line of clothing that includes organic baby and toddler clothes that are just as reasonable as non-organic! This is good news for parents and fellow Etsy print makers! And if you're still questioning "why buy organic" check out Five Hive, a lovely site for parents that gives five concise points for every topic, simple and smart.  They don't have as many colors as American Apparel's organic line, but I'm sure they soon will.   xo

sneak peak into our studio........

We are working towards listing our latest project ~ Guardian Angels Prayer Flag set. But thought we'd give you a sneak peak here first. It is amazing how time consuming the details can be, finding the most afforadble twill hem tape alone took me two lunch periods to haul 10 or so blocks uptown to M&J Trim. While there I think I saw Judith Light from Who's the Boss. Anyway below you will see our lil angels strung up and ready to sing & dance!  They were inspired by a dusty craft book made in the 70's I came across in my art class room. Who couldn't use a Guardian Angel, or a few?

November 11, 2011

speaking of developmental milestones

TED talks is one of my favorite websites.  As a working mom during my son's first year of life the speakers on the site entertained and distracted me from the akwardness of having to pump on my lunch break.

He's almost 1 1/2 years old now. We are amazed by his development which unfolds before us naturally and his ability to just "be" himself without doubt and fear.  As adults we constantly have to reset our faith, and trust that we are on the right path, that we will be provided for, so long as we are putting our best foot forward, authentically, and from the heart. Speaking of best foot forward, Stoshua, our son, isn't quite walking yet, but he is talking! This particular TED talks, is about Deb Roy and his investigation of how children learn to form words. He studies his son's journey.
I think it is worth sharing.  xo

November 10, 2011

the Autumn leaves outside my window~ harvest abundance

It's early November. The leaves are at their finest. New York City is beautiful in the fall. With the cool air, things feel refreshed despite the natural decay. I feel reinspired. Of course food enters my mind, butternut squash, yuca, roasted garlic, acorn squash, kale and good red wines. Our favorite as of late is 7 Deadly Zins from Michael David Winery in Lodi, California. It's amazing and affordable! Similar to Peachy Canyon goodness. I'm pretty proud, back to food, that my 1 1/2 year old is eating kale, broccoli, green beans, and brussel sprouts! Trader Joe's seasonally sells brussel sprouts on the stalk! Yep see the picture. That is how they grow ~ boys eating veggies, and sprouts up a stalk.  ;)  What is your favorite wine or autumn dish?     

November 09, 2011

~ Lighting up hope ~ for the holidays

 Lee Rhodes started a business in the 80's based on the idea of hope, inspired by a tea light in a glass cup. It was while she was battling lung cancer and raising three children. She fought for seven years, and beat it. Her glass candle holders have sold enough to give $626,211.73 to charities dedicated to wellness since 2003. She only sells 1 product, that is simple, beautiful and meaningful.

November 08, 2011

my favorite breakfast...... what's yours?

banana, tofu lightly grilled with vegan butter, ezekiel bread toasted, cinnamon, salt and pepper    make sandwiches or not     followed with delicious french press coffee with organic soy vanilla creamer     xo

November 01, 2011

Protein-Packed Pizza

When we lived in San Francisco we went weekly to Trader Joe's. We moved to Brooklyn, and the closest one was in a quaint little town, an hour and a half away by car, Westfield, NJ. We went shopping once a month. People would stare at our cart.
Then, like a dream come true, TJ's opened it's first store in NYC. In Manhattan on 14th a block from Union Square....and then a few years opened in our neighborhood in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn! Felt as if it was following us..our TJ mojo was pretty amazing. We could now *walk* to get our groceries. And even though we've moved, and it's now a bit of a longer walk, with stroller, and six bags usually...we do it because we love Trader Joe's.

But back on track- we made the best PIZZA evah the other night. It was really by chance.  Using Trader Joe's Steamed Lentils, red onion, oregano, olives, peas, and oddly, cucumber peel shavings I happen to also throw in, sauteed with olive oil...spread on top of tomato paste, salt, pepper and oregano on a whole wheat pita, baked on a pizza stone until the bottom is brown and crunchy....and wah lah! Makes a really delicious smokey, creamy yet crunchy pizza. What is best is the amount of protein your eating without the bad news cheese brings with it. Although, if you must sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese on it while it's still hot, my hubby says makes it twice as delish!  Baby loved it too. Simple and fast to make, affordable and healthy. Great for a chilly autumn night.
Hey Happy 11. 1. 11                                                                               XO